If you like an excursion to sightseeing, archeological sites, villages, monasteries and any other place that you desire, contact us to arrange a comfortable and safe transportation.


Pickup from airports, ferries, cruise ships, hotels, clubs, villas, etc. with reliability and confidentiality.
Transportation is done with luxury and discretion.


Transportation from the hotel or the airport to conference rooms, business meeting points, work, etc.

Professional equipment and laptops are transported with absolute care and safety.

Group Transportation

We are capable to transport friends to parties and weddings, sports teams along with their sports equipment and children to their school and back.

Luggage Transportation

We undertake to pick up your luggages from ports, airports, hotels and deliver them to the place you want with safety and care.

Package Transportation

We undertake to transport unaccompanied parcels and packages to the place you wish with absolute confidentiality and trust. Delivery is made only to the specific person that you have indicated to us.